Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Multi-Piece Wheels for BMW 6-series

When the BMW 6-series was introduced back in 2003 it entered the market with a big bang. Competing with class leaders such as Mercedes-Benz SL and CL or certain models of Porsche, the 6-series truly made BMW competitive on another level. With its smooth lines that sometimes have been compared to the contour of a shark, the 6-series was an instant hit.
The matching wheels for such a beautiful piece of German engineering and craftsmanship should definitely be of equal quality and esthetics. Showcased below is a prime example of this with a set of MOZ HATCH Wheels on a BMW 6-series. The Hatch Wheel is a multi-piece wheel with a wide lip and two-tone finish.
Click HERE to check it out!

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