Monday, November 7, 2011

22" (inch) Wheels for BMW 750i

The BMW 7-series has always been a an executive sedan in its on caliber and rightfully so. With a history and track record to show for that few auto manufacturers can match, the 7-series has served and is still serving in the fleets of many fortune 500 companies, embassies and private collections of car enthusiasts. But despite all this glamour it is the fact that the 7-series is such an accessible and desired car among the general public that gives it the status it has.
That is exactly why we fitted our clients BMW 750i with a set of MOZ International wheels when he came to us for a choice of deserving wheels. The MOZ International is a 3-piece wheel that is available in sizes 19 to a staggering 24" (inches). On this white 750i the face of the wheel is black while the window and lips have a complementing chrome finish. Finally it can be added that the rear wheels are staggered (22x9F/22x10.5R), for more information on the MOZ International click HERE!

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