Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Luxury Wheels for Holden Commodore

Holden has been manufacturing automobiles for over a hundred years now and the Commodore is one of its absolute hallmarks. The Commodore was first introduced back in 1978 by the Australian automaker and has been since a favorite among car enthusiasts. Showcased below is a 2010 Holden Commodore with a set of 2-tone MOZ Maranello wheels (22x8.5 and 22x9) with a black center and barrel while exhibiting finishing touches of gray detailing such as on the pinstripe. Click HERE for more on the MOZ Maranello.


  1. All I can say is, those are some huge wheels! It really fits well with the car design. I've always been a fan of Holden and their car design, they have really paid attention to details especially these past few years where they have made some good strides in terms of quality designs.

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  3. Hello, I've EV commodore 2012. It's piloted by EV Engineering CEO Ian McCleeve, the VE Series II Calais was powered by an electric motor outputting 145kW/400Nm. The motor is positioned in the rear axle housing (where the differential would usually be located) and drives the rear wheels. It’s fed by a lithium-ion battery pack located at the front of the car, in place of the combustion engine. thanks:)