Friday, November 4, 2011

Ultimate Wheels for Honda Ridgeline

The MOZ Phenom is arguably one of our most aggressively designed wheels ever. But it is only when the face receives a two-2-tone finish that this beast is truly unleashed; as is evident when comparing the black Phenom below compared to the 2 tone set on the black Honda Ridgeline. The MOZ Phenom is 3-piece wheel that is available in sizes ranging from 19 to 24" (inch) which makes it a perfect choice for SUV's and Trucks like the Honda Ridgeline. For more on the Phenom click HERE!


  1. I love those wheels. I'd like to buy and install the same wheels to my car. I am amazed of the designs, style and how the color red blend with black very well.

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  2. I agree with the previous comment. The wheels are just fantastic. It complimented well with the color of the car. The red color on the car is just perfect for its design. I'd love to get a car like this this soon.

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